Biocrates was founded in 2002 and has developed into a leading company in metabolomics. Its innovative, fully integrated technology platform for metabolomics is based on mass spectrometry, enabling the systematic quantification of a wide range of biologically relevant molecule classes in samples such as blood, serum, cells or tissues. Through its metabolomics services, Biocrates supports project partners in identifying biomarkers relevant to specific research and development projects.

Within sysVASC, Biocrates will contribute to metabolomic datasets and targeted metabolomics analysis.


Guido Dallmann

© Guido Dallmann

Guido Dallmann, PhD

Guido Dallmann is a trained analytical chemist and graduated in biochemistry. He has developed MS-based bioanalytical methods and has a background in targeted metabolomics and analytical chemistry. As Senior Scientist in Biomarker & Innovation Research he is responsible for research projects to identify and validate metabolomic biomarker panels in selected diagnostic and medical areas and for Biocrates patent portfolio.


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