Biolution is an experienced project management and consulting company specialized in the life sciences. The company combines management, research, public relations, graphics, and new media expertise, with a primary focus on the specific challenges associated with European projects. Biolution has acquired over a decade of relevant expertise in the support of several consortia of both FP6 and FP7 funded projects along with additional national projects.

Within the sysVASC project, biolution will contribute to the dissemination efforts.

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Iris Grünert, PhD

Iris Grünert founded biolution in 2002 as a science communications company. She holds a PhD in biology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and spent many years in biomedical research before branching out into project management and communication. Her combination of expertise in both management and the life sciences provides the consortium with unique, reliable, and professional solutions to their dissemination and management needs.

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1 SYMPATH (FP7–602999), Reach alpha-synuclein-dependent neurodegeneration: clinical development of therapeutic AFFITOPE vaccines for Parkinson’s disease and multisystem atrophy.

2 DEVELAGE (FP7–278486), Pathways common to brain development and ageing: defining strategies for preventive therapy and diagnostics.

3 EARLY-NUTRITION (FP7–289346), Long-term effects of early nutrition on later health.

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