Eagle is an SME founded in 2008, which supplies quality outsourced bioinformatics solutions. It combines cloud computing and next-generation sequencing expertise. Eagle has a track record in building scalable, efficient, genomics analysis workflows using both commercial and open source software. Eagle provides bioinformatics services to help life science companies better mine their genomics data for new knowledge.

Within sysVASC, Eagle will contribute bioinformatics tools and in the evaluation of high dimensional datasets, particularly on cloud deployment and web services/data capture, extraction, integration and market research.


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Abel Ureta-Vidal, PhD, MBA

Abel Ureta-Vidal founded Eagle and has over 12 years bioinformatics experience. He has a strong  scientific background in molecular biology and immune-virology through his PhD from the Pasteur Institute, France. After his PhD, he joined the effort at Genoscope (Evry, France) in ramping up the Human Genome Project, putting in place the automatic gene annotation system for human chromosome 14. In 2001, Abel Ureta-Vidal moved to the European Bioinformatics Institute (Cambridge, UK) where he led the Ensembl comparative genomics team until 2007.

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WEB: eaglegenomics.com
EMAIL: abel.uretavidal@eaglegenomics.com

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