Mosaiques Diagnostics is the leading specialist in clinical proteomics and CE-MS analysis, currently the best technology available for identifying disease-specific polypeptide biomarkers in body fluids. It has developed its proprietary hardware for analysis and software solutions for data evaluation. They moreover own a unique database of peptides in human body fluids consisting of currently >20,000 samples and their relevance in different age-associated diseases. Mosaiques Diagnostics has published over 120 papers in peer-reviewed journals on its proprietary technology and has filed over 100 patent applications to date.

Within sysVASC, Mosaiques Diagnostics will contribute peptidomic datasets and analysis of large population based cohorts, and bioinformatics and statistic solutions for high-dimensional data interpretation. They will also contribute to exploitation and dissemination strategies of the project.


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Harald Mischak, MD, PhD

Harald Mischak founded Mosaiques Diagnostics and Therapeutics AG in 2002 with the aim to identify disease-specific polypeptides. He is currently a professor in the Department of Nephrology at the Medical School of Hannover, and is Chief Scientific Officer and General Manager of Mosaiques Diagnostics. Harald Mischak is one of the leading experts worldwide in the field of proteome research and applied systems biology with more than 200 peer reviewed publications.



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