The sysVASC consortium aims to develop the results of the project beyond its lifetime through drug development with interested stakeholders. The consortium was assembled in a way that enables full and effective support of a drug discovery programme. Moreover, sysVASC outcomes are driven by the business strategies of the participating SMEs. These stand to directly benefit economically from the know how under development, ensuring seamless exploitation of the generated intellectual property (IP), and ensuring societal benefit through the translation of health research into medical application.

 Biocrates already markets a number of targeted metabolomics assays in the field of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and psychological distressed personality type. Through its participation in sysVASC, Biocrates Life Sciences aims at acquiring new information which can be used for expanding existing products and/or protocols for targeted metabolomics, and for cardiovascular indications. Promising compounds will go through a feasibility check for implementation in the Biocrates business plan and potential expansion of their portfolio.

Eagle Genomics supplies quality outsourced bioinformatics solutions, with a track record in building scalable, efficient genomics analysis workflows using both commercial and open source software. Within sysVASC, Eagle Genomics expects to be able to expand current data analysis being offered to its customers within the life sciences. The new expertise might be interesting to existing customers including Pharma/Biotech companies but also other sector customers in plant breeding, animal health or consumer goods.

Mosaiques has two major focuses: the implementation of urinary proteomic biomarkers for early detection of a variety of diseases, and the development and marketing of biomarkers and proteomic services for preclinical and clinical studies. If successful, the entire project can be used as a showcase for using omics date to choose therapeutic targets, which will in turn significantly ease marketing the biomarker to interested developers and attract pharmaceutical companies.

Early detection of heart diseases with KardiOM Test.

ServiceXS is a genomics service provider which aims to constantly update and extend its service portfolio in order to keep pace within a highly dynamic and fast changing field. ServiceXS will use the knowledge and technological expertise gained during this project to improve its sequencing service and to build a showcase that can be presented to potential customers.


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