The University of British Columbia, Centre for Blood Research (CBR) is a multidisciplinary biomedical research institute with over 40 research groups in a broad range of fields from basic science to clinical investigative approaches on blood and blood-related processes. It is a leader in the assessment of proteases and protease networks.

Within the sysVASC project, the University of British Columbia will contribute expertise and train sysVASC partners in proteomics methods related to degradomics and the identification of protease-substrate relationships in vivo.

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Prof. Chris Overall

Chris Overall is a Tier1 Canada research chair in Metalloproteinase Proteomics and Systems Biology at the Centre for Blood Research. His post-doctoral work was performed with Nobel laureate, Dr. Michael Smith. Chris Overall is highly influential in the field of proteomics with 197 publications and is the pioneer of the field of degradomics. His work has received wide recognition by the International Society of Proteolysis with a Lifetime Achievement Award among numerous others.


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