The University of Manchester is a well recognized centre for gene ontology and is one of the UKs leading educational research institutions. It is a partner in the Manchester interdisciplinary Bio centre that brings together biologists, chemists and computer scientists to collaborate in the novel generation and analysis of data, particularly in the area of systems biology.

Within sysVASC, the University of Manchester will contribute its expertise on knowledge base generation, adapt extraction techniques from public resources, and work on the identification of proteases.


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Robert Stevens, PhD 

Robert Stevens is a reader in BioHealth Informatics at the University of Manchester. The group performs leading research in the area of bio-semantics, medical records, biomedical knowledge management, as well as innovate work in the unbiased analysis of cross omics data. Robert Stevens also has broad experience in semantic web, bioinformatics, and data integration and user requirements. He is also an expert in the development of processes and workflows for data integration, curation and annotation.

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