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• Blur NFT marketplace is outperforming OpenSea in terms of trading volume despite having fewer traders.
• Blur has the lion’s share of the total NFT volume traded across all marketplaces with $14.3 million daily compared to OpenSea’s $11.3 million.
• Despite trailing in second place for trading volume, OpenSea leads the pack in weekly trades with 29,600 transactions compared to Blur’s 12,601.

Blur Outperforming OpenSea in Trading Volume

NFT marketplace Blur is outperforming OpenSea in NFT trade activities, including trading volume, despite having fewer traders than its biggest competitor. As of writing this, data from Dune analytics reveals that Blur currently accounts for 46% of the total weekly trading volume compared to OpenSea’s 36%. In addition, Blur has scooped up the lion’s share of the total NFT volume traded across all marketplaces with roughly around $14.3 million traded on the platform daily while OpenSea only boasts $11.3 million – again trailing behind Blur.

OpenSea Leads Pack in Weekly Trades

Despite being second in terms of trading volume, OpenSea leads the pack when it comes to number of weekly trades as data shows that it houses 29,600 transactions compared to Blur’s 12,601 trades as of yesterday.

Blur Bidding Pools Skyrocketing

Since its launch last October, Blur NFT marketplace raised 11 million dollars and its bidding pools have skyrocketed to all-time highs of $42 million as reported by their Twitter account on February 6th 2023 – which is around 2/3rds of Aptos TVL!

User Accidentally Lost 70 ETH Using Platform

In December 8th 2020 a Twitter user going by Keungz lost 70 ETH (around $83k at that time) using the platform’s bidding system but later was refunded 50% after it was linked back to be an issue with their new system instead of his own fault due to him operating his digital assets while exhausted .


It seems clear that despite only recently entering into this sector last October; Blur has managed to make a huge impact on both the trading volumes and overall usage amongst users within the cryptocurrency space since then – making them a force not just to be reckoned with but one that could very well take over this space if they continue along this path!

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