Google, Tezos Partner to Power Web3 Solutions Development

• Tezos Foundation and Google Cloud have signed a partnership to make it easier for businesses and startups to build Web3 applications on the Tezos blockchain.
• Through the partnership, Google Cloud will become one of the thousands of validators dedicated to ensuring the validity of Tezos blocks, while Tezos will help corporate customers set up nodes for Web3 innovation.
• The announcement follows previous partnerships between Tezos and Unity for web3 game development and with California DMV for car title digitization.

Tezos Foundation & Google Cloud Partnership

The Tezos Foundation, an organization devoted to promoting the Tezos protocol, has recently partnered with tech giant Google in order to accelerate blockchain adoption.

Benefits of Partnership

Through this partnership, businesses and developers are able to take advantage of both the scalability of Tezos and resilience of Google Cloud in order to host RPC nodes for Web3 solutions development.

Previous Partnerships

This announcement follows previous partnerships between Tezos and Unity which was established in November 2020 for web3 game development efforts as well as its collaboration with California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) which is currently developing plans to adopt the Tezos blockchain for car title digitization.

Price Increase

At press time, XTZ token is trading around $1.42 representing a 12.9% increase in 24 hours according to Coingecko data.


Google’s strategic partnership with The Tezoz Foundation marks another significant milestone for web3 space as it provides corporations and startups with more options when building applications on blockchain platforms like Tezoz.